The railway children

Very few suburbs in the developed world can claim that an unguarded, working railway line cuts through them; however, I’m proud to say that Hamilton North is just such a place.

Goninan rail line

This line is all that remains of a much wider complex of lines around Hamilton North, Georgetown and Broadmeadow. It’s actually operated by Goninan, the fabricating company that builds and repairs carriages for NSW State Rail. It’s not unusual to be stopped on Broadmeadow Road by a couple of guys in Hi-Viz jackets and stop/go signs as a Tingara lumbers across the road, past these homes and into the other plant area that (I think) connects Goninan back to the main rail system.

You won’t see crowds of hawkers gathering around the trains but I do like scenes like this one, below, of someone’s playground equipment right next to the rail line. They really are the railway children.

Playground next to rail line

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