Gap in the fence

Oh look: there’s a gap in the chain-link fence around the old gasworks site. What if you were walking down the creek and your dog ran through the gap and wouldn’t come back, no matter how much you whistled and called? You’d have to follow him, stooping low through the gap and then across the old rail lines.

A gap in the fence

Then, if you did that, you might find another fence. But there’s a hole in that, too, and your dog might run through that gap. Naughty Jambo! (If that was indeed the name of the dog.) What to do? He just won’t come back. So you go through that gap and into the gasworks. Through the long grass to the old admin building, where the dosser lives: there’s his jacket and his gas bottle; he’s not here today.

Dosser's camp

Your dog might see a rabbit and run past the dosser’s camp, through the long grass and into the lantana. You might have to stoop through the undergrowth looking for him. “Come back, doggie!” Is that him, over by the old gas tower?

Gas towers

There are some iron steps going up the side of the gas tower. They’re rusted – you can see daylight through the corrosion – and if you climbed them they’d creak and groan and feel very unsafe. Did your doggie go up the rusty steps? Better check! There’s a safety barrier about a third of the way up but it might be quite easy to climb around that gate. And before you know it you might be at the top of the gas tower, looking around over Hamilton North, a little breathless.

And when you look down you might see your naughty dog, down in the creek looking back up at you. It might turn out that he didn’t run through the gap after all. Silly owner!

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  1. gerrybobs says:

    Love it!

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