This brick, with the word “FOSTER” stamped into it, I came across in the long grass next to the old gasworks site. The gasworks is interesting for its demolished and derelict buildings and there are lots of older-style bricks that’ve been re-used as pavers or ballast.


I’m not sure if it’s the same mob, but the History page of the Wallbank Australia website has this to say:

“A further development [in the history of Wallbank Australia] was the acquisition of the plant and equipment used by G. Foster & Sons in the manufacture of brick making equipment in 1978. This followed the cessation of business by that company which had previously competed in the manufacture of brick making equipment.”

Bricks, eh?


3 Responses to Brick

  1. james says:

    dont know if your still interested in your photo at my work we actually had a Foster Dry Press Machine for making pavers and bricks on a good day it could make 900-1000 an hour but it was bloody hard,recently we cut it up for scrap metal,and its very similar to the Wallbank Dry Press Machine just smaller,we still have the Wallbank but no longer use it

  2. Mark MacLean says:

    Is that in Newcastle, James, or do Foster bricks come from somewhere else in the state? I wonder why this brick is near the old gasworks. Did they build the gasworks buildings from Foster bricks? If so, they must have been making Foster bricks for a lot of years.

  3. james says:

    sorry about the late reply,i dont know how many foster machines were in existance in oz but there wouldn’t had been many cause they were a bit of a lemon,a lot of jamming if the clay was too dry and if it was to wet they’d laminate(crack)and start becoming oversize then we’d have to bin them,and there were a lot of moving parts so that means a lot of bearings and bushes would wear down,typically they’d be stacked into packs of 375 or 532 and be burnt at 1000 to 1100 degrees for 2 days and they were mostly used for retaining walls or anything really,a lot of old factories bought bricks and pavers with the company or the product name in them it was just the style at the time

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