Curley Road

Well, of course Curley Road’s in Broadmeadow, but Broadmeadow’s postcode is 2292 as well and so I’m claiming it, or at least this bit of it.

I love this scene. It’s at the Showgrounds, where I sometimes take Jambo of an evening if the gates are open. Jambo likes it because, during spring, we get dive-bombed by lapwings in the grassy area in the middle of the horse arena, and he’s under the illusion that one day he’ll actually catch one. He also likes Monday’s after the Farmers’ Markets when he can sniff out the odd dropped sausage or pie crust.

I was thinking of commissioning Trevor to draw it for me but I was broke at the time, and when I did have the money I’d lost interest.

Curley Road, at the Showgrounds


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